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Logo Design + Branding


May 2021 - May 2022


Visual Designer


Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

image1 6.jpeg

Project Type

Pro Bono

my role.

I worked with one other visual designer for this project. The final product is a result of our collaborated effort.

the goal.

The goal of this project was to revamp the original CHC logo with something fresh. The old logo was very complicated and to many did not look like the hyperloop train it was meant to represent, but rather like a bee. It was also difficult to scale down and didn't have and other iterations.


So our goals for the redesign were to:




Simplify it

Make it look more like a hyperloop pod and less like a wasp

Create a few iterations that could be used on various products (slideshows, t-shirts, documents, etc.)

the process

My partner and I started out with a few brainstorming sessions and taking a look at hyperloop logos for other cooperations. We drew rough sketches and find similarities in the motifs we were coming up with, the most prevalent being that we wanted to ensure a hyperloop pod was included in the final design. Afterward we cleaned up our top 3 designs and ran a poll without the organization to determine which one the entire team liked the best. The winning design was then taken into illustrator to be created as a resizable vector. Three variations of the final logo were created to ensure it would adapt well to a variety of uses including slideshows, newsletters, merchandise, etc. 

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